Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Chokoloskee 7/7/2010

I decided to head back to where I fished the other day to see if I could find more of the infamous redfish. Conditions were a little different but I was still going to catch the top of the incoming tide. Launching fairly early it was really nice out, in the mid seventies and no bugs at all. The water was a bit muddy looking from all the runoff and drainage from the rivers after all the rain we've had lately. I fished the same general area but I decided to first give the fly rod a chance using a top water gurgler and then a popper.It was a little tough because of light winds creating a chop where I'm sure the flys could not be seen or maybe recognized. After about an hour I grabbed my spinning rod with a zara spook and first cast I had a nice hit. A lot of fisherman will say that top waters don't really work in water that's choppy but I have found that completely false and have caught a lot of fish under these conditions. Anyway I was fishing a small mud flat next to some oyster bars where there apparently was a nice school of snook (there was no seeing them with the muddied up water) and had fun with them for quite awhile. It was almost every cast that they would attack my topwater, sometimes breaching the water and at times more than one at a time. A lot of the fish were smaller but a couple I caught were in the mid twenties. I missed (or they missed) or lost some larger fish for whatever reason. One fish was very large when after I brought in my plug there was a scale on one of the hooks larger than my thumb nail. After having to retie my frayed 40lb leader a few times I finally had to replace it and after the couple minutes it took to do it the bite completely stopped and I didn't get another fish or hit out of there, it was still a lot of fun while it lasted! I moved on fishing a couple other spots and picked up one more snook and a trout before heading back wondering where the reds might be hiding today.

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