Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chokoloskee Bay 7/2o

With the threat of maybe a tropical storm coming through by the weekend I wanted to get out in the bay because it may be a few days before I can get out there with the weather that may be around. I launched around sunup from the national park launch and had the northeast winds to assist me paddling across the bay. There would be a nice incoming tide through the morning to fish. The wind created a bit of a chop so I fished where I could using some of the islands for a wind break. Of course I fished with top water plugs to start the day and caught a few snook, the largest over 26". I couldn't fish a few of the places I normally would when I go to this area because of the winds but I still caught a few nice fish and was happy with that. As the tide came up I switched to using a couple of different lures, one a 1/4oz swim bait made by Storm and the other a subsurface hard bait where I ended up catching a redfish on each of the lures. No trout again today but caught a few jacks and ladyfish. By late morning it was boiling hot again so I made my way back across the bay this time paddling pretty much dead into the wind taking some waves over the bow. A little more than my normal workout today !

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