Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Goodland 7/13

After picking out a couple of different places to kayak fish today at the last minute I picked going up to Goodland. I thought I would fish the incoming tide which was to be around mid morning. I still launched fairly early and I was on the water before sunup. Working my way across the bay I fished the mangrove shorelines wherever there was some current hoping to catch a trout or two for dinner. All I found were lady fish in these spots. It was kind of a slow outgoing but I continued on and ended up finding a couple places where I caught a few snook. Nothing great in size with the largest around 24" but still was fun having some action. It was now around 11:00 and the tide was still going out and it was getting super hot out. According to my tide chart it should have changed. Anyway I decided to stick it out working my way back in kind of a large circle following the shoreline and finally around noon the tide was flowing in. Still around a mile from where I launched I went back to fishing. I started throwing a small swimbait instead of a jig which would allow me to cover more ground as I worked my way back. Finally after fishing my way almost all the way back I was finally rewarded and hooked up with a real fish which turned out to be a nice 29" red. Persistence paid off today. I contemplated staying out after that fish but it was just to hot out and I called it at around 1:30.

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