Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Time is Here !

Just a quick recap of my last few times on the water. I've only been able to kayak fish a couple of times during the last week due to some other obligations. We are definitely in our summer mode with it being unseasonably warm with temperatures averaging in the mid nineties and storms coming through midday to late in the afternoon. What that means to me is get out and kayak fish real early (at or before sunrise) and come back in around noon. It still gets you around five hours on the water. After that for me is head for the A/C.
The water has really warmed up and normally fish get lethargic in these temperatures (especially snook even with being a sub tropical species) but there has been a lot of activity. I've been catching a fair amount of snook averaging 20" or more along with some nice trout and a red fish here and there. I still haven't been able to get out to some of the barrier islands towards the gulf but there have been some good reports of some larger snook and reds being caught along with permit and tarpon.

The other morning fishing shorelines flipping soft plastics with light tackle I hooked up with a large fish. It freight trained away and my first thought was a very big snook only it never stopped. My next thought was maybe a large ray.Being that I was using light tackle I couldn't crank down on my drag and I couldn't put out the anchor for fear of getting spooled. So after being on a sliegh ride for about a half mile I finally got the upper hand and got the fish near the boat. It turns out and to my surprise it was around a 5 foot black tip shark. As I finally got him to the boat he pulled the hook. Using only a 30lb mono leader I can't believe he didn't cut the line.

Yesterday I kayak fished the backcountry for a few hours and again hooked up with a larger fish. This time it was a nice snook. After a nice fight and of course he headed into the mangrove roots I caught my largest snook of the year so far. A real nice fish around 36" and just under 12lbs!

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