Sunday, August 8, 2010

American Shoals

I couldn't turn down the opportunity when my buddy Chris called to join him and Matt for a boat ride down to the keys for a couple of days of snorkeling for lobsters and maybe a little fishing. A change from the tannin colored waters to the aqua colored waters in the lower keys would be a nice change. With a real early start Friday it was a bit of a rough ride and we had to follow the coast down before heading across Florida Bay to Sugarloaf Key where we would stay the night. It was opening day of lobster season and there were boats with divers and snorkelers as far as the eye could see on the gulf side. We headed for the Atlantic where we spent most of our time and where Matt was a little familiar with the area and needless to say we had some lobsters for dinner. Saturday we spent a good part of the day out in an area called the American Shoals where there is a cool lighthouse and reefs to snorkel. I fished for a little while and played with some big barracudas but there was no time to get serious about it. Late afternoon we headed back straight to Naples and were back by around 8:00. A relatively good ride back and we didn't even have to dodge any storms. A quick but awesome trip.      

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