Monday, August 2, 2010

End Of July

Recapping last week, I got on the water a few times. The fishing wasn't spectacular but caught some fish kayaking at a couple of different places in the area. Tuesday, I joined Dave (Fishon) in Chokoloskee who came over from the central east coast to do some kayak fishing. Early on it looked pretty promising getting some nice hits on the topwater plugs but things faded pretty quick. Full moon tides today.As we worked our way north I decided to show Dave some areas that he was unfamilier with. With the outgoing tide we headed out and drifted towards the gulf and came back on the begining of the incoming ending up going in a large loop. There are a lot of routes similar to this and if you plan it right with the tides you can cover a lot of ground to fish without ever backtracking. We ended up with some trout and a few small gag groupers.

Thursday I met Mike up in Ilses of Capri (near Marco Island) and launched at the Capri fish house. A nice place to launch off of a small beach. It's been a couple of years since I kayaked there. Having spent a lot of time there in the past we set off straight into the maze of mangrove islands to check out a few of my old haunts. The tides were still crappy but we had fun and did a little exploring and covered a few miles before heading back. Again no big fish stories. I lost one bigger snook who headed right at me after hooking up and got off with getting slack in the line. Fishing off a large sandbar we had a couple of young Reddish egrets hang around us for awhile. I'll going to try and get back to this area soon again.

On Sunday I hit one of the small lakes off of Rt41 to see how the backcountry is doing. I arrived early before sunrise and as I launched my kayak the place was going off with feeding tarpon and snook but there was one small problem...gators. No matter where I went there was at least one gator around me. I thought if I bide my time I will get myself in a place where I was away from them so I could fish for the tarpon but it never happened. All I could do was just watch the show. I ended up catching a few smaller snook in the mangroves before calling it around mid morning. This is the first time I've been fairly close to see the gators on the shore doing their growling and bellowing calls. 

Looking forward to August fishing. Looks like a lot better conditions this first week and I hope to have some good reports here shortly.    

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