Monday, August 23, 2010

Everglades Fishing 8/20

I managed to make it out in the bay once during the week. The "swamp angels" have made their appearance and it was a hurry up and get launched day. The mosquitoes have been surprisingly scarce this summer but maybe now it's pay back time. Once on the water away from shore you will hardly ever see any. I paddled a little north across the bay and just planned to fish a small area. It was a slow incoming tide and there wasn't a lot of activity but I caught a few nice smaller snook using a top water plug and a small swimbait. When the tide got up covering the oyster bars I spotted a red cruising the bars and he immediatly attacked the small bait I casted near him. After a nice fight I took a couple pictures and released him. After, I fished a couple of different spots looking for a trout but couldn't locate any. It was a nice morning, nice sunrise and very calm but by mid morning the mercury was rising fast and I called it a day. 

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