Monday, August 16, 2010

Fishing Week 8/10 - 8/15

Reviewing the last week, I got on the water three times. Twice on Chokoloskee bay and the other time I launched out of the Ilses of Capri by Marco island. Simply put it's been very warm as in the mid nineties and humidity just as high. The fishing has been affected by the weather some but I still have been catching fish. I've been launching early between 6 and 6:30 and staying out as long as I can tolerate it which has been around noon. Fishing in these conditions you have to change your strategy slightly and work your lures and jigs slower as the fish tend to get lethargic as with very cold conditions. The funny thing is most of the fish I've caught have been very active and fight as if they are in cooler waters. (water temperatures are also getting into the nineties) I still make sure to try and make it a quick fight and revive and release the fish asap.
So this week I caught a few reds, some trout and a lot of snook mostly around 20" along with a couple of other species. I blew it one morning when I hooked up with a nice size snook on fly and one of my knots on my leader that I tie came loose.
Below is a picture of a nice red I caught around 24" that had the most brilliant colors. The photo doesn't really do it justice. The other two photos are of the spoonbills I see often in the bay. They always roost on the same small mangrove island in the summer and some mornings it looks like a cherry snowcone. As with the nature of the spoonbills they can be overly cautious and hard to approach and get close enough to get some good shots.

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