Saturday, August 28, 2010

Goodland Morning Challenge 8/28

I had planned on launching at the national park launch today and fish north of the bay but with getting a few reports of the poorer fishing in the morning the last few days I decided to change my plans. There are also some strong tides right now with the full moon so if I had launched out of the park I would probably have to portage my kayak when coming back later in the morning when the tide would be at it's lowest.

I ended up going up to Goodland for a few hours that has a little easier access to kayak and fish the outgoing tide (and to get back). Getting a real early start I was on the water well before sunrise. Starting with top water plugs I checked out a couple of my usual spots and as expected fishing was slow. I did get a couple of nice hits but no hook ups and I spotted a couple of larger fish working the bait in a couple of spots only I couldn't get near them as they were back in a couple of small coves covered with mangroves. I decided to switch over to the long rod and had fun catching a couple of lady fish and actually a couple of mangrove snappers mixed in. The tide was moving out fast and very muddy draining out from the backcountry. By mid morning I worked my way around the bay and ended up in a large open area with the shore line made up of a few smaller coves (all mud bottom). I decided to stand and pole my way through this area. The water was very muddy and the depth was around 8" and no more than 10". There were mullet throughout the area. If I had been sitting in the kayak there would have been no way I would have seen them but mixed with the mullet here and there would be a redfish or two cruising the mud flats.

The situation was I had a light wind blowing at me and between me and where the redfish were was the mullet who would spook with any movement I made. I did manage to get a couple of good long casts off but not long or accurate enough so I decided to switch back to a spinning rod and put on a small jig with a gulp shrimp. Spooking a lot of fish working these shallow coves, even with hardly moving being as steathy as possible, I still stuck with it and poled and drifted in front of these coves three times. Towards the end of the third drift I finally saw two nice reds slowly cruising at a good distance away who were oblivious of me. I was able to make a perfect long cast in front of one of the fish and Bam!, he went for it! I probably spent over an hour working these coves and finally was rewarded with this nice fish! He measured at 31".

This was one of those days when you could question yourself as to why you even bothered to come out to fish and then to turn it around and  make it a very successful one, even with just the one nice fish. 


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