Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Everglades 9/1 - 9/7

I got on the water a few times over the last week. A couple of times out in the bay in Chokoloskee along with a couple of times out of Goodland and one day in the backwaters up off Rt 41. I never have a bad day on the water kayaking here, between the scenery, the wildlife and the excitement of fishing these places, every trip offers something different. I look at every trip as a new adventure.

Talking to my son he asked me how the fishing was and my response was that it was not the greatest. He laughed and said “I know you’ve been catching something”, and he was right, I've been catching fish but I guess I was feeling maybe a little melancholy because I lost a few large fish over the past few days. I haven’t really been fishing for the snook except for in the backcountry but I hooked up with three larger fish this last week and lost them all for one reason or another. Today I hooked up with a very large snook that at first I thought might be a tarpon. She made a couple of awesome jumps and when I thought I won the fight she jumped once again near the boat and with a vicious headshake sent my topwater plug flying back at me.

My sons question was maybe somewhat of a wakeup call. I may have become a little spoiled with spending the last few years here. I spend most all of my time kayaking and fishing in what is really old Florida, not in the way it was but in the way this area is and has always been, unlike pretty much the rest of overpopulated and overbuilt Florida. There are no concrete highrises or houses here looking down at you and rarely do you see other boats around. It’s kind of funny on one day I complained about a power boat I could see and my friend Chris made a smirk and brought to my attention that it was probably a mile away.

There’s a hint that the weather is starting to change. It’s still very warm during the day but the nights are getting cooler and with that the water is starting to cool down. I’ve actually seen a few different migratory birds on my last few times out. I’m looking forward for it to be a little cooler during the day. Before you know it camping season will be here.

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