Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Everglades Mud

I found myself on a large dry mudflat when only an hour before I was sight fishing for redfish in about a foot of water. The majority of the area was now either dry or the water was only a couple of inches deep. With the new moon this was a negative low tide. I just happened to be in a spot where there was sort of a creek running through the mud where the water was draining and it was just deep enough where the kayak was still somewhat afloat. As the tide dropped I watched as more and more birds flew in to take advantage of the situation to feed. Plans for the morning was to do some fishing but now any fish that were here have now vacated the area for deeper waters. Watching all the birds coming in I thought maybe there might be a good chance to get a couple of good photos of them. I wasn’t at the best vantage point but for the most part the wading birds seemed to ignore me and would come fairly close to me as they foraged in the mud for crustaceans and such, a rare opportunity. The bazaaro birds, The Roseate Spoonbills I think are one of the spookier birds and it’s rare to be able to get near them. Today I watched as a small flock worked their way around the area pre-occupied with their foraging and worked their way towards me. They realized I was there when they were only around ten feet from me but instead of flying off they acted funny almost as if they were annoyed that I was there. They made their way around me and basically ignored me and continued to feed. I am basically your hardcore fisherman but in the package of fishing the wilderness of the Everglades comes being able to see and enjoy all these different things the area has to offer. Today would have been a dream comes true for a real birder seeing a lot of these different kinds of wading birds and being able to get so close to them.

(Notice this bird is banded. Reading the band, The Audubon informed me it was banded 12/31/08 on an island in SE Florida Bay when it was just a chick.)

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