Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chokoloskee Bay 10/2

Getting an early start I made my way out across the bay. It was nice to see the east winds have subsided for now and it made for a nice start to the day with also the air temperatures in the seventies. With it being cooler at night lately the water temperatures are following. As I arrived into the area I planned on fishing it was full of activity. The bait fish had moved in and with the large schools of mullet that are usually there were large schools of finger mullet along with glass (rain) minnows and other small fry. It was fun to watch all the activity as game and other predator fish fed on them. Included in the mix were a lot of sharks and I watched as one shark which I believe was a large bull shark attacking schools of fish much in the same way as you would see dolphins (or even tarpon) feed.

With all the bait fish that was around can make it tough sometimes fishing with artificial baits. I fished starting out using as usual a top water plug and there was a lot of action but I couldn’t entice any larger fish and could only attract numerous ladyfish, a few trout and smaller snook. As the sun was up I switched out to using a couple of different hard baits but the bait of the day turned out to be one of my go to baits, a small soft plastic swim bait because it mimicked the finger mullet so well. Fishing the mangrove shorelines I had a few nice hookups with a couple of larger snook but only managed to get a few of the smaller ones to the boat up to around 22”, but still fun! They were acting very crazy today I assume because of the cooler water temperatures making them more active. It was nice to see that there were a lot of them around. As I made my way I fished a few deeper spots in open water and managed a few nice trout and I wish I brought a cooler so I could have kept a few for dinner. A couple of the fish were smaller but most were between 16 and 18” and they also loved that small swimbait. As I headed back and made my way back across the bay the tide was still somewhat high and I fished around a couple of the submerged oyster bars. I caught a couple more trout and then finally found a little larger fish, A nice red that was just over 24”, a nice way to end the morning!

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