Friday, October 22, 2010

Chokoloskee Bay Week

I went out and kayaked and fished Chokoloskee Bay three times this past week. As we’re getting towards winter fishing conditions have improved immensely. Each day I went out I visited different parts of the bay and had similar results. Getting to the full moon the tides have been strong and each day launching the water was very low with the outgoing tide and I had to push through the mud in a couple of places. (For those that don’t know this area well there are large tides here compared to a lot of Florida and especially in the winter there can be a change of up to seven and even eight feet at times) One of the mornings I found a school of nicer size snook working bait schools and it’s been awhile since seeing this in the bay. I fished with a top water plug, a zara spook Jr and had a bit of fun with them. The largest I managed to get in the boat was 33” but hooked up a couple times with fish that were a bit larger. That’s all I’ll say about it except that this is a very exciting situation to be in and the only way to really know what it’s like is to experience something like this for yourself. It was awesome to see these larger fish around again. I couldn’t find any good size redfish around this week but it seems we were invaded by the little guys. Lots of rat reds, very small up to around 18”. Around midmorning each day as the tide would change to incoming the trout bite was on and I fished a few of the different places I fish for them and it was non-stop with almost every cast a hookup. Some schools were real small fish also but in a couple of places they were a good size from 16’ to 18”. I caught one that was 20”. Conditions change so often here in the bay but right now it’s looking real good for our winter fishery. Other fish caught this week were a couple each of black drum, flounder and groupers, lots of lady fish and a few jacks.

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