Monday, October 11, 2010

The Passion

After a long and very hot summer the weather is finally making its change to cooler days and much cooler nights. The last week it’s been real nice starting out the day launching with temperatures in the low 70’s. I took the opportunity and did some longer paddles to places I had been planning on exploring and fishing. Two trips were around a 15 mile round trip. I wouldn’t put anybody through what it took to get to these areas but I found a few awesome places to kayak fish and these will be a couple of great places to go with a fairly easy access from a couple of the islands that I camp on. I again got into a couple of schools of smaller tarpon this week along with some snook and reds. It looks like the trout are coming back to a couple of spots I fish for them in the winter and if the water continues to stay cooler the trout fishing will only continue to get better. One other thing I did this week was take an ACA course in paddling and rescue’s from a sea kayak. I’m not a sea kayaker and I feel naked without a fishing pole with me but it was actually interesting and I think it will help when I paddle longer distances correcting my bad habits I’ve developed over the years and to help others showing them the proper ways to paddle in different situations.

A friend of mine sent me a link to this awesome video and if you want to get a taste of fishing here you must check this out. I’m asked so many times what it’s like to fish here or why would I even do it with the heat, bugs, etc. well this video shows the passion and addiction that these guys have also with fishing in the Everglades.

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  1. Weather was great this weekend and you have now encouraged me to see all the sunrises as well as fish and birds.