Friday, November 12, 2010

Backcountry Everglades

This past week turned out to be a great time to be out in the Everglades. Cool mornings warming into the upper seventies and hardly any bugs. A couple days were a bit windy so I spent all my time up in the backcountry where there is more protection. I fished a couple of days and also got a couple of requests from people to show them some of the areas I explore. Each time going into these areas is different but on the two different trips where I brought people they got to see and experience for themselves some of the wonders of the Everglades as there was a lot of activity with the wildlife this week. There have been a lot of different bird species around, the different resident birds like herons and egrets and also many migratory birds from large flocks of ducks to a lot of different species of raptors.

I kayak fished two different days and concentrated on fly fishing for snook in the mangroves. A bit of a challenge casting into openings and under the mangroves but I managed to catch a dozen or so smaller fish. None larger than around 20” but was a lot of fun with the fly rod. There were some tarpon around and I could see them rolling in a couple of different places. I made a few casts but never could hook up with one.

As I mentioned above there were a lot of different birds around this week. Trying to photograph a lot of the different bird species can be a real challenge and almost impossible a lot of times, especially when my strongest lens is only a 200mm. Pictured below are a couple photos of two young black crowned night herons that tolerated me getting fairly close to them, kind of a rare opportunity. I was back in the area where I had seen that group of Grebes again and saw that there were only two of them there. I figured the rest of the group must have moved on when one being near some mangroves starts this crazy squawking and out from the trees comes a large hawk, I believe was a Red Shouldered hawk and goes after and attacks that little bird. Somehow this Grebe got away but I think I have the answer as to where his other friends went.

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  1. I stumbled on your blog today and have to say, I love it. Being from Michigan this is a nice escape. I will follow along.

    The Average Joe Fisherman