Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jurassic Park ?

It looks like today, Tuesday, would be the only day that I would be able to get some fishing in this week, at least until the weekend. Saturday I skipped going fishing because it looked like the weather was going to be crappy (which it turned out to be a nice day) and I did an early morning road trip and did a little exploring through a part of Big Cypress Preserve and then over to Fachahatchee Strand. I didn’t realize hunting season for deer was open in Big Cypress where I was and there wasn’t much activity except for the hunters so I made my way over to Fachahatchee. Ironically not very long after driving into Fachahatchee where there was no hunting allowed, a nice 6 point buck came out and crossed the road just up in front of me. There wasn’t a heck of a lot of other activity here either, a few different birds but just being here in the early morning is awesome. The morning mist with being in the jungle makes me think of Jurassic Park as a good description. I didn’t see any dinosaurs but a few more miles up the road I had the rare opportunity to have walk out into the road ahead of me this time a good size Florida Panther. He walked out on the dirt road, stood there for a minute and then casually walked back into the jungle. Of course I wasn't ready with my camera.

I finally made it back out in Chokoloskee bay today. The north - northeast winds have really died down only today they shifted to the south. If they were stronger persistent south winds they could have the tendency to shut down the bite in this area. Also today the tides would be fairly slow being in the middle of the moon phase. With saying all that I didn’t expect much success today but surprisingly I caught quite a few fish. My goal today was to find some larger redfish. For the last couple of weeks all the reds I've caught along with the reports that I have gotten are everybody is catching smaller (rat reds) fish. Well I never did find any larger redfish and only again caught a few of the “rat” reds which was still okay. I also checked out a couple of my trout spots and caught a few of those. When first fishing in the morning looking for the reds I caught a couple of smaller snook but my highlight of the day on a top water plug I caught a very nice snook. Close to 30", and very healthy. She gave me a real nice fight with the light tackle I was using. As I was getting ready to take a photo of the fish it slipped out of my hands and off it swam. It was an exciting catch as there are not as many larger fish around so now every time when catching a bigger snook it shows there is promise when so many died during the freeze last winter. I also caught a couple of jacks, ladyfish and a weird looking lizard fish.

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