Friday, November 5, 2010

A New Day

We have our first real cold front of the year coming through the area as I write this. It’s nice for a change to have some cooler weather but hopefully in a couple days it will warm back up. Forty degree temperatures would be t-shirt weather when I lived up in Vermont but here after months of ninety degree days it may be time to dig out some warmer clothing. The fish here will be making some changes also and a few species, like snook, will start to migrate up into many places in the backcountry. Many fish will spend the winter months in these protected areas that will generally stay warmer and will harbor bait fish through the winter season.

I had the chance to kayak fish a couple of days this past week in the bay. I got out last Sunday to catch a couple of nice trout to bring back for dinner as it was the last day of the season to keep them and the season will not open back up till January. Along with some nicer size trout I still have been catching some snook and redfish although they tend to be mostly smaller fish. I will fish out there as I can but should these cooler temperatures and winds continue I will start spending more time up in the backcountry.

One day during the week I paddled up north of the bay near the Ferguson River and West Pass to do a little exploring. It’s a good paddle (3 miles +) from Everglades City but there are many places to fish along the way and I plan to head back to the area soon to explore more.

A pair of Raccoons swimming along who apparently must have misjudged the fast incoming tide and got stranded on an oyster bar. 

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  1. Hope it warms back up for you soon, its gonna be 30 degrees here tomorrow as I get prepared to fish.