Friday, December 24, 2010

Begining of Winter in the Everglades

Weather patterns are somewhat predictable during summer in the Everglades. Typically most everyday there are the rain storms in the afternoon and you try to be off the water by early afternoon. Getting into the winter season it's considered the dry season and there is a slim chance of rain.
My son Rich Jr had just returned from Vermont and along with another friend, Mike, we headed into some back country waters to do some kayak fishing. Launching early we headed in with a beautiful sunrise and calm waters.There was a chance for some rain and by late morning it clouded over. We were a couple of miles from where we launched when the rain began and then... all hell broke loose and we were in the middle of a torrential downpour. We all had our rain gear and decided to stick it out and continue to fish (along with having to bail out our boats every couple of minutes). The monsoon lasted for about an hour. The real incentive I think was the bite was on and during the course of the storm we had a lot of fun catching a bunch of snook (maybe two dozen or so) and five redfish among us. There were some tarpon there but they ignored us as they appeared to be feeding on the small ladyfish that were around. The storm passed and the bite slowed so we worked our way back. A crazy and wet but awesome day! 

During the course of the week I fished a couple of other areas in the back country. The water temperatures have dropped considerably with these cold fronts that have come through and the catching  has slowed a bit but I still hooked up a few times fishing for the juvinile tarpon along with catching a few snook.
With the cooler nights there have been many birds around in the protection of the back country where they can sun and find protection from the cooler winds. 

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