Monday, December 27, 2010

Green Herons on the Turner

While the northern states are getting buried in snow this most southern area of Florida in the Everglades is getting some of the effects with some fairly cold weather. I skipped going fishing today and went and checked out the Turner River area in Big Cypress. The area usually doesn't disappoint with the amount of activity with wildlife and today was no exception. There is always a chance of seeing otters, a mink, deer and maybe black bears in the area. Being as cold as it was many of the different bird species of the area were there this morning and hunkering down trying to stay warm. The only bird that was somewhat active and feeding were the Green Herons. They are probably my favorite heron around here. Maybe it's because of the fisherman in me but I've watched many times these birds fishing by standing on low overhanging mangrove branches dropping insects in the water to lure a fish for their dinner.   

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  1. Two of my favorite things. Turner River & Green Herons. Looks like a great time.