Friday, January 28, 2011

Winter Fishing in the Everglades & a little Hiking in Fakahatchee

There is no reason to complain about the weather (or the fishing here in the Everglades) with what I've seen and heard about with the weather they are having up in the states north of here. We still have been getting cold fronts come through every few days and a few mornings it was in the 30's. The nice thing is by kayaking into the back country by mid morning you can strip off some of the layers of clothes because it's mostly well protected from the winds and the sun warms things up fairly quickly. It's been a little more challenging finding fish but as I look back on the couple of times I got out to kayak fish this last week some pretty nice fish were caught. In one area near Everglades City we caught some trout, reds and snook. The trout were all a decent size averaging from 16 to 20 inches and even though most redfish are running smaller there are some bigger fish around as I experienced loosing a much larger fish by the boat due to my error. I didn't notice a bent hook from a snag on a log I just had previously. Today fishing another area up in the back country the fish of the day were the snook. We caught a bunch of them up to around 30". There were some smaller tarpon rolling in the area but they were not interested in our offerings.


Fakahatchee Hiking

I got out and did some hiking on one of the many old trails in Fakahatchee Strand this last week. The trails were originally where there were railway trams to remove the cypress logs when it was logged back in the 1940's. Many of the trails are somewhat dry now with the low water table in the winter and not having much rain. Once back a ways onto the trail I can only think how prehistoric it looks and feels. In one area as I passed through were a few Barred Owls hooting to each other and when trying to hopefully get a decent photo of maybe one of them I turned around and this guy (above) was sitting right in front of me. I got one shot before he flew off. On this trail mixed with the cypress, palms and other hardwood trees I came across a few orange and grapefruit trees full of ripe fruit. I tryed the oranges from two different trees and on the one the fruit was nice and sweet and the other it was pretty bad and sour. I plan on hiking a few of the other trails soon.   


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