Saturday, February 12, 2011

Everglades Backcountry

Down the Tamiami Trail at sunrise one recent morning.

This week turned out to be a good time to concentrate the fishing to the backwaters. It's been warm enough but with the winds it has made it more difficult to get to the areas I like to fish out in the bay along with having to cross the open waters of the bay. I did fish one day in the bay with a client Jason and his girlfriend visiting from Philadelphia and had limited results due to the weather. We still had a lot of fun doing some exploring in the maze of mangroves out there where we found protection from the winds and some rain . The snook are still biting in the back waters along with the juvenile tarpons and it was a lot of fun also doing a couple of different trips back there this week. 

Rob from Toronto with his first Tarpon on fly. Not the largest tarpon he hooked up with that day but he was ecstatic with this catch !

This is Roger from Wisconsin hooked up with one of the snook that he caught. Roger hooked up with a nice size tarpon only to have it come unglued when the fish leaped into the mangroves and broke off. I also hooked up and lost a nice one that day.

At first there is always a little disappointment when a tarpon throws the hook or breaks you off but that's how it goes a lot of times with tarpon fishing. It's nice to get the fish in the boat but just hooking up with a nice tarpon and have it jump doing their aerobatics before throwing the hook is still very, very exciting!    

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