Thursday, February 17, 2011

Everglades Bay and Backcountry Fishing

It looks like the weather is beginning to make a change for the better, knock on wood. At least for the immediate future there will be day temperatures in the upper seventies and into the eighties. What that means for me is I'll be starting to spend more time kayak fishing and exploring the more open waters in the bays and other surrounding open waters in the area.

We headed out and fished the bay yesterday. Again it was a super low tide early on and I took advantage of the situation and spent a bit of time standing and sight fishing from the kayak. I was surprised to see as many larger Redfish as I did only they were super spooky in the clear shallow water and missed my opportunity a couple of different times. Waiting for the tide to change back to incoming we fished a couple of deeper spots and began catching some smaller redfish that were schooling in the muddy water with the mullet. We had fun catching these guys for awhile until the tide changed and then we headed out to catch a few trout for dinner. We made our way to a couple of places I fish for the trout and athough the trout fishing wasn't as good as it should have been we caught a few nice fish for dinner.  

Most all the young Redfish we caught had the iridesent blue tail fins

Earlier in the week I fished up in the backcountry. In the particular small lake we went to it didn't appear to be holding any tarpon but it was loaded with snook this day. Again most of the fish averaged between 24 and 26" and we had a blast for a few hours catching these fish. Rich Jr got spanked by a much larger snook in the mangroves.  

One of the Mangrove tunnels leading to the fishing hole


  1. Fun! That first pic is breathtaking

  2. What time do you get out there? 0 dark thirty?

  3. I wonder why those tails get so blue.