Thursday, February 24, 2011

Everglades Weather and Fishing Heat Up

This last week has been mostly about the weather. Nice warm days and cooler nights. It's allowed me to get out in the open water out in the bay and to visit many of my haunts and see how the fishing is. I visited a couple of the rookeries and the bird mating rituals and some nesting has begun. The fishing has been surprisingly good and I am happy to report that there appears to be quite a few snook around. I was surprised by one very large snook fishing at a mangrove spot where she spanked me hard as I could not stop her as she tore off line as if I didn't have any drag on. The lighter tackle I was using obviously was no match for her and I guess I will step back up with a little heavier gear. There have been redfish and nice size trout also in most of the places I fished.

Going back to last weekend, a group of us transcended up into the back country for a day of just hanging out and do some kayak fishing. Chris, Matt, Rich Jr, Mike and and his visiting from up north brother-in-law Chris. Perfect weather and everyone caught fish. Mike and his brother-in-law Chris got their slams (Red, Snook and Trout). I'll say it was beginners luck, even though he obviously knew how to fish Chris caught the largest fish of the day. It was a great day!  

I did a few charter trips during the week. A couple of highlights; one was taking out Dave visiting from NJ. I believe I relieved him of his cabin fever from the long winter they are having up north. We spent the day out in Chokoloskee bay and fished our way covering a few square miles catching fish. Dave got his first Florida inshore slam. Another great day! 




Another nice and fun day was taking out a different Dave from PA. With these warmer days and cooler nights comes the fog and it was pretty thick as we launched. It actually didn't burn off for a few hours. Again I decided to fish the bay and we had around a mile or so to get to the area I wanted to fish. Basically paddling blind into the thick fog we surprisingly ended up only a hundred yards or so where I wanted to go. Dave is just getting into kayak fishing and had me take him out to learn more about the sport. After catching a few lady fish, trout and reds we headed back in around noon

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