Friday, March 11, 2011

In like a Lion

March is holding tradition as a lion of a month. The winds seem to be blowing fairly hard every day. The early mornings have been fine to get out before they kick up and kayak fish. The tides this week were in our favor earlier in the week to ride them out to the gulf which I did with Van Sayler and his wife, Jane, who had never kayaked out there before. Once reaching one of the barrier islands we spent our time fishing the area and after the tide changed we headed back. After a few reds and Jane with a nice flounder the winds were already blowing pretty good and luckily we had the incoming tide to help bring us back to Chokoloskee. I love going out there, it seems like months since I've been there and when the weather improves I'll be spending a lot more time out there.
Along with my son, Rich Jr, my visiting brother-in-law, Rick joined us to do some kayak fishing up around Goodland. Again the winds really picked up by late morning, Fishing was a little slow but it was still a great day and some nice fish were caught. Rick caught himself a nice 22" Gator trout and also his first snook ever. He also caught a nice flounder.

Mrs Osprey letting me know I'm getting too close

A visiting hawk that I think may be the same one that was around my place hanging around last year starting around this same time last year.

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