Sunday, April 10, 2011

Goodland - Everglades Fishing

It turned out to be quite a busy week. I decided to enter a kayak fishing tournament on Saturday after not doing any over the last few years. I used to enjoy doing them even though some were poorly organized but it was still nice to travel around to different parts of the state to fish different places and also to meet other kayak anglers. The last straw was doing one out of Port Charlotte that was very poorly run and I won't go into details but I swore it would be my last one. Anyway, this tournament would be a local one that was held in Goodland. There are not many of these types of tournaments in this part of Florida and after corresponding a little with the director of the event to get the details I decided to do it. This tournament was one in a series put on by Kayak Fishing Classics. What I liked about this tournament was everybody had to launch together and basically fish the same area putting everybody in the same playing field unlike many or most tournaments where you could fish anywhere or have the option of fishing a large area so many contestants would fish their honey holes in their home waters putting many anglers at a disadvantage.

I knew it would be a tough day for everyone fishing the tournament with some slow tides and muddied waters from the windy conditions. Pre-fishing there a little during the week the fishing was very slow. Many contestants caught fish but surprisingly the grand prize winner who was very surprised caught I think a 20" snook and a 20" red, not large fish by any means to win the tournament.I enjoyed doing this tournament and would consider doing another one in the future.

Fishing a couple of other areas (Everglades) during the past week it seemed much better than the Goodland area. In Everglades there are many snook and reds around along with some nice trout that are still running larger at the top or over the slot size of 20". 

A pretty multi-spotted Redfish
Rich Jr with a nice snook around 30"

Goodland Reddish Egret

I watched this osprey as he caught this mullet but struggled in deeper water to get himself airborne with the fish. He was completly submerged for a minute but was determined to keep the fish. 

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