Friday, April 1, 2011

Out Like a Lamb...

"Going out like a lamb" sure didn't apply to March this year. This last week has been one of the windiest in a long time. It is warming up nicely with daily temperatures in the eighties which means the fishing will only be getting better only with the winds this week it has made it difficult to fish more out in the bay and other open areas. The couple of times I did get to fish this week was great. Nothing of any size was caught but we've caught some nice fish including reds, snook and a few trout, a flounder and a couple of snapper. Also of course there are still the ladyfish. Again I spotted a few sharks and tarpon around ! I'm praying the winds subside this next week.

For the birders and photographers the Swallow-Tail Kites are making their migration back from the south seeing a few of them over the last week or so. Along with the herons and egrets beginning their nesting I spotted a few Red-Headed woodpeckers beginning to nest in a couple of hollowed out tree trunks. I spotted an uncommon morph of a Great Blue Heron with some coloration called a "Wurdemanns" Heron but I couldn't get close enough for a photo. 

Foggy Morning

Local Black Snake

My Hawk Friend

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