Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Pre-Rainy Season

It's that time of year again as a transition is again taking place in the Everglades. Being somewhat predictable as to what to expect with the warmer weather and waters there is still the challenge of figuring out where the fish are going to be on a particular day, especially when fishing very large areas such as Chokoloskee Bay where fish have the tendency to move around a lot. Fishing out of kayaks and canoes definitely limits the areas that you can cover in a day so by doing a little research before launching the boats will help immensely in having a successful day. Learning about the tides and weather conditions here will play a very important part but I think as with anything else spending a lot of time doing anything and it will become second nature. I wouldn't say that this is the exact case here but after spending a tremendous amount of time fishing the waters out and around the bay I have gotten pretty successful in finding fish on any given day.

This past week I was on the water 4 days kayak fishing and exploring a few different places, twice in the bay and twice up in the backcountry. As mentioned above the bay can be very challenging  as in this week again being very windy and the water being silted up and muddy but there are fish around, some nice larger reds are making their appearence along with some nicer sized snook and again any trout caught have all been at the top or over the slot size. Spending some time up in the backcountry at two different locations I found there to be many snook around as I made my way. I didn't fish it hard but there were some big fish feeding on the baitfish back in the mangroves. You can be sure I'll be going back there soon.
A nice 20" Trout, average size this week 18 to 20" 

My son Rich Jr is getting it figured out, here with a nice 30" Redfish !

Rich with a nice 30" snook

I went and checked out the swamps (in Fakahatchee Strand) and they are just about dried up with not having hardly any rain for the last few months. Typical of most winters here. Our daily afternoon rains will be starting any day and this place will look a lot different soon.
Tri-Colored Heron in mating plumage.
Great White Egrets at their rookery in the bay

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