Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

The area mosquito control is finally showing up. Welcome Dragon Flys ! It has been pretty brutal with these things lately when launching the boats and just going outside for that matter.With the limited spraying for them here because of being surrounded by the national park there will be these times when they are pretty tough to deal with. There are never that bad once getting on the water but you will realize pretty quick that they are still around if you have to fetch your lure out of the mangroves...

I made my way back to one of the backwater areas I fish from time to time. I wanted to check out the snook population and see if they had migrated out of the area back to the gulf. This place is basically one of my winter fisheries. When I first arrived, which was just after sunrise, things started out slow. As I made my way and fished a couple of different shorelines I began catching some smaller snook and then caught a couple of fish that were close to 30"! I was thrilled to see that the fish were still here (Take note Andy)! I concentrated on a small area that really doesn't have any significance from the rest of the shorelines other than the mangroves hang out more than the surrounding area and this spot seems to hold bait fish and, I've caught some larger fish in this spot in the past. Hard to fish not being able to cast near the shoreline and I think the noise from casting near there a few times draws the fish out that may be there way deep under in the trees. After maybe a half dozen casts I hooked up with my largest fish of the morning, a good size fish around 33/34"!


This weekend was the get together at Marker 8 Restaurant up in Goodland. The fishing tournament was a bust possibly because of the short notice or maybe people around here (there) just have no interest but it was still a great time with a good crowd of mostly locals, A pig roast, music and the canoe and kayak race. 


More photos of the race at: 2011 Marker 8 Kayak and Canoe Race

Monday, May 23, 2011

Chokoloskee Bay Fishing

I only managed to get out and kayak fish once last week and I went out this morning for a couple of hours. A small group of us went out and fished the outgoing tide on Saturday and had a great time working our way basically towards the northern part of the bay. A few nice snook and a few reds caught, No trout but a nice size flounder caught by Rich Jr. Today I caught a few decent size snook and a couple of reds , one was 26". Also caught a couple of trout. The trout have gotten scarcer in the bay but I know I will continue to catch them through the summer even with most of them migrating into the gulf. Surprisingly I didn't spot any tarpon around these two times out but what I have been spotting are many sharks and they will stay around through the warmer months. What was real nice on these last couple of times out was that the winds have taken a break and even though it's pretty hot out there it makes for great conditions for sight fishing for the redfish. 





Monday, May 16, 2011

2nd Annual Canoe and Kayak Regatta

I met up with  Jimmy Ketchum today, owner of the Marker 8 Restaurant in Goodland and worked out for the most part details for having a kayak fishing get together on Saturday, May 28th. This is his second year of doing this and  the day will also include a canoe and kayak race along with some other activities.
I agreed to help him out to organize the kayak fishing part of it and rather than make it a more competitive tournament this will be more of a fun competition and a get together for area kayak fisherman and fishergirls.

The rules are simple:
- $10 to enter with 100% pay out. Payouts will be 50-30-20 % for the three largest fish caught, including  
   Tarpon, Snook, Redfish and Trout.
- Photograph the fish to show at weigh-in.
- Artificial baits only
- Sign-in between 6 and 7am at Marker 8 and then launch at the Goodland bridge or wherever else in the area.
- Weigh-in by 2 back at Marker 8.

There will be kayaks available to rent, And there will also be live music and a BBQ after the fishing !

There are a lot more people kayak fishing in the general area over the last couple of years or so and this could be a great way for everyone to meet and get to know each other. I know of a couple of other area establishments interested in doing something similar and maybe if there is a decent turnout this could be something to have every few months or so at different locations.

Spread the word!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Everglades Area, May 8th to 14th

The sunrises are usually pretty awesome around here but with this large fire burning in Big Cypress Preserve has made them more unusual. The fire is reported to be just about out and the last report I received it had consumed over 38,000 acres. I'm going to try to get over there in the next week to see the results and hopefully get some photos of the area.

Over the Memorial Day weekend "Marker 8" Restaurant in Goodland, Fl is going to host a kayak fishing get together, more of a fun tournament along with canoe races during the day. I'm suppost to meet up with the owner, Jimmy, during the week and work out the details and then I'll make a report with more information.

Kayak fishing during the week was good but not great. You had to work a larger area to find the fish as they seemed more scattered. Very early morning was when the bite seemed to be on ! During the week a couple of nice size snook were caught along with a couple of nice size snook lost after spitting the topwater plugs.Lots of rat reds are still around along with a couple of larger ones were caught. Paul from Marco Island who fishes with me caught himself a very nice 34" Red! The Trout around here seem real scattered now catching one here and there and a couple of days there were a couple of small schools in some deeper holes. Their sizes have varied from around 16" to over 20".

One hazy morning from smoke from the fire

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Everchanging Everglades

There is a major brush fire burning in Big Cypress Preserve and for a few days the winds were blowing the smoke west towards the coast creating some crazy sunrises and sunsets.

Other than not having our daily rain storms yet there have been summer weather conditions. It's been very warm and the Swamp Angels have been around a few times launching in the morning. The winds have been tough to deal with a couple of days but they have also been a welcome relief with the warm conditions.
The fishing has been very good for the most part. There were a few slower days with the tides but there were some real nice size fish caught along with some very nice fish lost. I have been spotting some larger snook and reds in the area. In the last week I've fished and have explored much of the bay from Chokoloskee up through the northwest area from Everglades City. I have a real good feeling that the fishing will be very good for the immediate future. 

A few random shots from the last week:  

Andy fished with me for a couple of days and this is a very nice Redfish he caught around 32"

Bob Soucy from Vermont fishing a shoreline looking for his first snook and Red

Bob with his first red, after this fish he caught his first snook also !

Bob's wife, Heidi, followed us as we fished and I took a time out and showed her one of the rookerys in the bay 

Baby Brown Pelicans

Some random photos of a young Reddish Egret near Indian Key Pass