Saturday, May 7, 2011

Everchanging Everglades

There is a major brush fire burning in Big Cypress Preserve and for a few days the winds were blowing the smoke west towards the coast creating some crazy sunrises and sunsets.

Other than not having our daily rain storms yet there have been summer weather conditions. It's been very warm and the Swamp Angels have been around a few times launching in the morning. The winds have been tough to deal with a couple of days but they have also been a welcome relief with the warm conditions.
The fishing has been very good for the most part. There were a few slower days with the tides but there were some real nice size fish caught along with some very nice fish lost. I have been spotting some larger snook and reds in the area. In the last week I've fished and have explored much of the bay from Chokoloskee up through the northwest area from Everglades City. I have a real good feeling that the fishing will be very good for the immediate future. 

A few random shots from the last week:  

Andy fished with me for a couple of days and this is a very nice Redfish he caught around 32"

Bob Soucy from Vermont fishing a shoreline looking for his first snook and Red

Bob with his first red, after this fish he caught his first snook also !

Bob's wife, Heidi, followed us as we fished and I took a time out and showed her one of the rookerys in the bay 

Baby Brown Pelicans

Some random photos of a young Reddish Egret near Indian Key Pass

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