Friday, June 3, 2011


With the winds again blowing for most of the week I decided to head back to one of my back country areas I kayak fish in the Everglades. I invited Paul Nocifora to join me who had never ventured into one of these areas. With an early start we headed out to get to our destination which was to be around a mile paddle through the mangrove tunnels. As I've mentioned before this is one of the places I rarely visit during the warmer months because the access is harder as the mangroves will grow over the water trails, Spiders thrive and build their webs across the trails (Harmless spiders to us, Golden orbs(Banana Spiders) mostly), but clog the trail with their webs and you have to clear them as you pass through. And of course there are the mosquito's. Well, we haven't had much rain yet so the trails are still fairly open and the spider webs were minimal but the mosquito's were to say the least unbearable. When we arrived at the small lake (our destination) it took a few minutes to clear the mosquito's off of us and another few minutes to recompose our selves.

There's a saying that the worse the mosquito's are, the better the fishing. Well for me I ended catching some real nice fish this day. Paul didn't have as much luck but he did hook up with a few nice size snook and one tarpon. The winds prevented us from playing with the fly rods and we instead used light spinning gear. I used my one light setup (a Sustain 2500) which I forget to change out the spool which still had 10lb braid on it. Not a wise choice for fishing in these back country places but it was what I caught all my fish on today! I was using 40lb leader.

My catch of the day, among a few smaller snook and a lost redfish, 2 nice snook around 30" and another one that I estimate that was at least in the mid thirties and it felt like around 20lbs. This was one powerful and healthy fish who I thought at first was another tarpon with some very long runs. I caught one tarpon maybe around 40", another crazy fish who would not tire. I managed to work the fish to the boat fairly quick which then made a leap and landed in my boat. I think it was stunned for a second and I got it back in the water and got my boga grip on it only to have the fish wake up and go ballistic and pulled off of the boga gripper and was gone. A very crazy fish! An awesome day! Hardcore fishing in the Everglades!!! 

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