Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Heat in the Everglades

Not to dwell on how warm it's been, it sure has been damn hot this summer ! The kayak fishing is holding it's own and every time out into Chokoloskee bay the fishing has been fairly successful. With this warmer weather the rule is get out early to find some feeding fish. One morning three of us fished the bay and I was the only one to find them. In kind of a what I would call a basin area surrounded with oyster bars on three sides were a school of snook of different sizes feeding in the area. It was a bit of a surprise as this was normally one of my early morning redfish spots. Throwing a topwater plug I had a few (larger) fish  completely breach the water attacking the plug, but missing it. It's pretty exciting to witness this and I would have been happy just to see this without catching anything but I did end up with catching a few of them, two were over thirty inches. A tough but successful morning.
Yesterday a small group of us went to a different part of the bay. This day everyone was successful and caught some fish including a few flounder, jacks, ladyfish, redfish, trout, snook and one small grouper.   

A nice Chokoloskee bay Snook

Sunrise Trout

Rich jr with a nice pretty Red

Night Heron

Monday, July 25, 2011

Everglades + Kayak fishing

Over the last couple of weeks I bounced around a bit and kayaked and fished a few different places. Chokoloskee Bay a couple of times, up in the backcountry, Goodland and Pine Island Sound. There have been some slow tides and with the very warm waters has made the fishing a bit challenging in a couple of the areas. This morning was no different but I found and caught some good fish, including three nice size redfish and three nice size snook. A couple of the fish caught hit my topwater, zara spook jr, and the rest I caught using a 1/8oz jig head with rootbeer colored plastics. It's been very warm out and I've been limiting my trips to just fish the mornings and call it before noon. Today I spotted a few nice size tarpon rolling in one area of the bay but they wouldn't take any of my offerings. I'll be back there soon again.
For a change of scenery it was nice to get back up and fish Pine Island Sound. I love kayak fishing the grass flats there. The fishing wasn't the greatest with the tide situation but managed to catch around a dozen trout. On the way home I stopped at Florida Paddlesports in Cape Coral, Fl to check out the new store. Looks to be a well stocked kayak shop which is also another Native Watercraft Kayak dealer here in Southwest Florida. One of their specialties at the store is offering a few different brands of SUP's (Stand up Paddleboards), the new craze. 

Chokoloskee Bay Snook around 30"
Crazy eyed Redfish
Had fun one early morning in the backcountry after I found a school of baby tarpon. Hook up with one and it would instantly leap about 10ft into the air. Crazy little fish! 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer in the Everglades

Summer in the Everglades... It's hot, very hot many days and the marsh mosquitoes can be brutal some days also. The summer rain storms are not anything you want to be caught in, especially when on the water. Such as it is in the summer in these sub tropics. What's really awesome is many believe that conditions exist like this all the time throughout the summer here. which is fine by me. By a slim chance you may see another boater or a kayaker fishing while out on the water, most likely a local, during the summer season.

I spent two great mornings this past week fishing Chokoloskee bay. With an early launching both days and returning around noon to avoid the brunt of the heat of the day. There were no bugs to speak of and even with some full moon tides the fishing was pretty good. There were no tarpon spotted where we fished but there were plenty of trout, redfish, and snook around to keep us busy.

Spoonbill Roost

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Last Stand

For anyone that has been following my blog over the last few years you have probably noticed that in the majority of my photos you rarely have seen any signs of civilization. This is not intentional but this is how it still is in the Everglades, Thank God. Kayaking and fishing a couple times recently just north of here in the Marco Island and Naples area reminded me of how lucky I am to be here in the Everglades. I feel privileged. It's not perfect here but I'm so glad I don't have to deal with the ignorant boaters and psychotic jet skiers on a regular bases as it seems is the norm from what I  hear and what I experience just about every time I go to these areas. I prefer the natural scenery vs looking at the generic concrete structures that line most of the waterways.

The Everglades still one of largest wilderness areas in the country is not what it once was but with the efforts of many it will stay mostly protected as it is from more development and destruction. With promises of restoration by the federal and state government's it will take many years to restore many of the problems that man created. It will always be a constant battle with the self centered politicians and the endless push by the greedy and careless developers.   

 Nice Everglades Snook !

Having fun fishing with Andy again in some mosquito infested creeks for Tarpon up in the backwaters

Non-Native, Cuban " Knight Anole" lizard about 30" long, largest of the anole type of lizards.

Young local Tri-Colored Heron