Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer in the Everglades

Summer in the Everglades... It's hot, very hot many days and the marsh mosquitoes can be brutal some days also. The summer rain storms are not anything you want to be caught in, especially when on the water. Such as it is in the summer in these sub tropics. What's really awesome is many believe that conditions exist like this all the time throughout the summer here. which is fine by me. By a slim chance you may see another boater or a kayaker fishing while out on the water, most likely a local, during the summer season.

I spent two great mornings this past week fishing Chokoloskee bay. With an early launching both days and returning around noon to avoid the brunt of the heat of the day. There were no bugs to speak of and even with some full moon tides the fishing was pretty good. There were no tarpon spotted where we fished but there were plenty of trout, redfish, and snook around to keep us busy.

Spoonbill Roost

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