Monday, August 15, 2011

August Everglades Fishing

I had a busy schedule this past week only it was mostly not on the water or fishing. I did manage getting out a couple mornings early and concentrated mostly on fly fishing in the back country. Rains during the week were at anytime and the one day it rained the whole time. Nicest size fish was the snook below around 32", a real challenge after he headed into and wrapped himself up in the mangrove roots and then getting him out of there.   

One of my lizard fans who hung around for awhile.

A couple of other fish caught recently. These were caught in the bay.
Nice Trout over 22"
This red around 26". A surprise catch caught at a dead low tide around midday on a very shallow mudflat. Caught on a blind cast as I was making my way back to where I launched.

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