Sunday, August 28, 2011

Chokoloskee and some Backcountry Fishing

Being a bit windy during the past week from the passing hurricane I only managed to get out on the bay once early in the week and concentrated more on doing some exploring in some backcountry areas where there was more protection. A group of us fished the bay and although the conditions seemed perfect with an outgoing tide it was not the most productive day for catching fish for most of us. I did fairly well and caught a few nice size redfish, a few decent size snook and one nice size trout. I started with throwing my top water plugs (Zara Spook's) and ended up using them the whole morning.
Exploring some of the backcountry during the week conditions have changed a bit since we have started getting a lot more rain. The salinity is down and water levels are very high. There were a few places that were still productive for fishing but when these water levels are up back there the snook and even the small tarpon are able to get back into the mangroves where they tend to stay where it is cooler and they can feed on the baitfish that will go back there also along with crabs and other critters. These can be times of frustration when you know the fish are there and you can hear them feeding but can't get to them.  

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  1. What were ya'll fishing with? We caught a trout and reds on a DOA shrimp last weekend on high tide.

  2. Love the backcountry fish post! tumbled across your blog via OBN and now following.Great stuff.