Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Everglades Bay and Backcountry Fishing

I managed to kayak fish Chokoloskee bay just a couple of times over the last week. There were a couple of fairly windy days and on those days I went up into the backcountry and concentrated more  on finding fish with the fly rod. I managed on finding and catching a few nice snook but nothing of great size but it was, as snook fishing always is, a lot of fun.
The bay is alive with fish even with the water muddied up from all the rain. Finding fish is a little more challenging but I managed to catch a few nice size redfish and a few snook. Again I got spanked this week by a couple of larger snook using top water plugs. There have been some tarpon around feeding on schools of mullet and using a heavier setup I happened to bring along one day they pretty much ignored any of the artificials I had thrown at them.
Fishing any water this week with a stronger current has produced many trout. It's a bit early yet for trout schools to move into these backwaters but it sure seems like there are more around than usual. Another thing, the majority of the trout are nice sizes around 18" to over 20" 

Sunrise Redfish

Super lowtide Redfish

I just recently received a couple of very nice TFO setups for this coming season. I've been playing with their new BVK series, 8wt rod and super large arbor reel that just came on the market recently and it is awesome!


Friday, September 9, 2011

Just a Hint of Fall

A couple of mornings recently you could smell in the air the coming of the changing seasons. But it was just a hint, it's still been very warm through the day and there has been a lot of rain. The fishing is holding it's own, especially in the bay. Fishing a couple of my backcountry areas the fishing has slowed a bit with all the freshwater flowing in. That will change when the temperatures drop.
Yesterday I had high expectations with a morning incoming tide in the bay. Again with all the rain there is a lot of fresh water flowing into the bay, the water is tannin stained with a lot of debris. When I first saw it I was a little disappointed but the fishing was surprisingly good. We had to work a little harder to find our fish but each of us caught our share. There are some nice size reds still around along with some nice trout. There are also a lot of the smaller rat reds around. I lost the largest snook of the day at the boat but a few others were caught up to around 22". 

One thing I thoroughly enjoy is introducing people to the sport of kayak fishing. Connie Clark from Orlando booked a trip for a day with me for her and her husband Chuck to learn about the sport. It was a great time and I think Chuck and Connie are sold. I'm sure they are shopping now for kayaks if they already haven't purchased them.