Friday, September 9, 2011

Just a Hint of Fall

A couple of mornings recently you could smell in the air the coming of the changing seasons. But it was just a hint, it's still been very warm through the day and there has been a lot of rain. The fishing is holding it's own, especially in the bay. Fishing a couple of my backcountry areas the fishing has slowed a bit with all the freshwater flowing in. That will change when the temperatures drop.
Yesterday I had high expectations with a morning incoming tide in the bay. Again with all the rain there is a lot of fresh water flowing into the bay, the water is tannin stained with a lot of debris. When I first saw it I was a little disappointed but the fishing was surprisingly good. We had to work a little harder to find our fish but each of us caught our share. There are some nice size reds still around along with some nice trout. There are also a lot of the smaller rat reds around. I lost the largest snook of the day at the boat but a few others were caught up to around 22". 

One thing I thoroughly enjoy is introducing people to the sport of kayak fishing. Connie Clark from Orlando booked a trip for a day with me for her and her husband Chuck to learn about the sport. It was a great time and I think Chuck and Connie are sold. I'm sure they are shopping now for kayaks if they already haven't purchased them.    


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