Thursday, November 17, 2011

Endless Everglades

I've been kayak fishing here around the Everglades for probably the last six years. I'm usually on the water a few times a week kayaking and fishing the area. I've acquired a fairly long list of some great places I like to fish where it can be very productive. This last week I decided to concentrate on a new area to explore and do some fishing in an area that I have not visited that much near Chokoloskee bay. With not the greatest tides this week and some very windy weather I ended up being pretty successful in finding some nice fish in a small area of small mangrove islands and many oyster bars. When conditions are a little better I can only imagine how good the fishing will be there. I've added a new place to my list and I'll be heading back there in a day or so.

One other day this last week I also did a trip taking out John Johnson and his son, John, from Punta Gorda, Florida. Having never really kayaked before or fished with artificial baits a few nice fish were caught by them. It was a real nice day and I believe these guys are sold on the sport and will be fishing out of their own kayaks soon.

Little Blue


  1. Fishing is my hobby and I've acquired a fairly long list of some great places I like to fish where it can be very productive.

  2. Awesome pictures!!Looking at the pictures I would have guessed you were here Beautiful!Nice Fishing time!