Sunday, November 27, 2011

Surprising Everglades

It's been a fun and interesting week although the winds again made some of it a bit challenging. I've heard it from some locals and other guides who will tell you about the fishing in the Everglades that when you think you have it all figured out then everything changes and you have to start over. Well, this was kind of one of those weeks. Where I would normally find my fish there were none and places I wouldn't expect them to be is where they were. Anyway, I still caught a few nice fish during the week.

Mostly fishing in the bay, I caught a few nice redfish, got spanked by a large snook but caught a few others in the upper 20's and most all the trout this week were at least 18" with a couple around 22". Also caught a couple of flounder.  

This photo above of a shallow (low tide) muddy pond I spotted while exploring an area to stay out of the wind. I saw this place through a small opening in the mangroves off from a river near the bay. The pond while nothing much to look at but I spotted fish movement in there, not mullet but a couple of redfish foraging in the mud and about ten feet in front of me. Of course, I made my way in dragging my kayak over the oysters and through the opening. There was no way of getting in there without making noise and spooking the fish and did I mention the noseeums were horrendous. Once in I waited awhile for things to calm down and lo and behold the redfish swam back to just a short ways in front of me. I made a couple of short casts and finally, score! Redfish on! I caught two fish this same way and after that I caught another one at the far end of the pond, all fish were around 24". A couple of surprise catches today!

This is Chris coming from South Carolina who fished with me one day this past week with his father shown with a nice Redfish that he caught.


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