Monday, January 2, 2012

Holiday Fishing in The Everglades

Happy New Year to everyone! It's been an awesome week, some great weather along with some very good fishing. I was hoping the nicer weather would continue but as nature would have it there is another cold front coming through tonight with possibly freezing temperatures for the next couple of days. Let's hope the weatherman is wrong. Anyway, I'm sure it won't be long before it warms up again.

I pretty much fished every day last week, one day by myself and the rest with clients. Below are a few photos of the results. The week was dominated by catching Redfish and they seemed to be where ever we fished, in and around Chokoloskee bay. Again there are also many Sea Trout around and a few fish were quite large. Snook are here but they are starting to thin out and head towards their winter homes. I hooked up with a very large snook in the bay only to get cut off but a few other snook were caught. Other fish caught this week were Flounder, jacks and ladyfish.  

The one day I did get out by myself I headed up into the back country to look for snook with the longrod. I took my new TFO 8wt BVK rod and reel setup to play with. I had fun catching mostly smaller fish along with a few in the upper twenties. I hate to say it but here I again hooked up with a lot larger snook who decided not to play fair and broke me off.

Here's Adam Dewar with a nice trout he caught on a top water plug, around 26" and fat!

Here's Will Gillespie with a nice Pompano!

Wills wife had fun with the ladyfish

Adams 14 year old son Alex with one of the nice reds he caught

Adam with one of his nice reds

White Pelicans hanging out in Chokoloskee bay


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