Sunday, February 5, 2012

Everglades Winter Wonderland

This has been a very mild winter compared to the last couple in the Everglades area. There have been a few fronts come through the area which have created some windy and cooler days but the waters this year have stayed relatively warmer. Inshore fishing has stayed very good with a lot of redfish around on the flats and there are still many snook around in the bays and barrier islands who haven't bothered to migrate yet to the back country. Trout fishing has been sporadic and although I haven't really targeted them except for when doing charters there have been some good days and some bad days, but still always catching a few. The one thing that's great about the trout being caught is they are now mostly larger sized fish averaging around 18".

I've stayed very busy over the last couple of weeks between doing charters and my normal fishing and exploring I do around the area. Also I spent a couple of exciting and nice days with Woody Callaway and the gang from Native Watercraft. my kayak sponsor doing an interview, filming and some fishing with them.

Charters have gone very well recently with everyone on all the trips having a great time and catching some nice fish ! If your thinking of doing some kayak fishing here in the Everglades now is a great time, mild weather, no bugs and plenty of fish around !

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