Monday, February 20, 2012

Summer like Winter

I'm not so sure that this is winter now here in the Everglades. Knock on wood but there haven't been any extended cold fronts with only having a couple times with a day or two of colder weather and then it's back to 70 and 80 degree days. I'm loving it and I am on the water almost everyday.

Native watercraft TV has started posting some video shorts with all the endorced Native guides in Florida. Last week the video was of me showing a skip casting technique and is kind of comical as I hooked up with a snook kind of catching me off guard. You can see that at: Rich Jones Skip Casting 

Without trying to repeat myself the kayak fishing has stayed pretty consistant and good. Trout ,Reds and Snook in the bay and Snook and some Tarpon in the back country.

There are a lot of Redfish around the area right now with most ranging from around 18 to 22 inches. Mixed in is a larger fish every now and then such as this nice 28" one shown above that I just caught in the bay.

Above is a nice size Sea Trout caught also in the bay around 23". There are many around from 16 to 18 inches average. Some pods have larger fish 18 to 20" and mixed in are a few larger fish over 20"

Snook are around in the bay and backcountry although it has has been more of a hunting game. Finding them and then also finding them when they are feeding has been a little bit of a challenge some days. But then again, that's snook fishing around here.

This is Steve Copps from Virginia making a nice cast fly fishing along the Mangroves

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