Monday, March 26, 2012

Moving Towards Summer

As we head into the warmer months I can only see the kayak fishing improve. If it does this will certainly be a banner year because the fishing for most of the winter has already been very good here in the Everglades area. This was anything but a normal winter with the warmer than average conditions. Some fish species didn't seem to follow their typical migration patterns such as the snook but just about every trip some were caught along with Redfish and Trout, these three being the main gamefish targeted by fisherman in the shallower waters in the Everglades, other than of course the Tarpon.  
Tarpon are making their appearance up and down the coast and as we move towards summer there will more and more sitings and catches reported each day as they move through the area up along the coast and backwaters. 

Blackwater Snook
A nice red caught in the bay

 Looking back at the fishing trips I've done this season over 50% of them were fly fishing. While most fly fisherman bring their own fly gear, the few that didn't and a few that wanted to try them I set them up with the newer TFO Bvk rods and reel. I had nothing but good responses about the BVK setups so, if your looking into getting some new fly gear this is something you want to check out. 

This is Gary from Minnesota who fly fished with me last week. He got his first snook out of a kayak along with a few other species on the fly. It was a real nice day !

Notice the right side bar the listing for "Captain Pete's Bait and Tackle" If your in the Naples area stop by and check out this small "Kayak fishing friendly" tackle shop. Talk with the owner "Paul" and he will hook you up with any of your fishing needs!

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