Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Everglades Springing into Action

It's been a good couple of weeks since I've updated the blog and sorry for that. I've been on the water a lot with charters, a tournament last week and just doing a lot of kayak fishing and exploring a few new areas around here in the Everglades.

Other than some windy days out there the weather and fishing has been fairly good. Snook and red fishing in the bay and surrounding areas has been very good plus there are still many nice size trout being caught. I'm starting to see some tarpon in the bay but haven't had a chance to fish for them yet. These have been larger fish and I'm usually not outfitted to target them. I plan on going on the hunt for them soon.

A very heathy 36" snook I caught in the bay

Here's a sampling of photos of some of the trips I've done recently. Every trip has been very successful and I have had some very happy clients.

The bird rookeries (Egrets, Pelicans and Herons) are in full swing so this is something you need to check out if your kayaking around the area. Also many other different birds around, some passing through the area ; Oyster Catchers, Bald Eagles, Swallow Tail Kites, Black Winged Stilts and Mergansers to name a few. I've also spotted a few Snail Kites in the backcountry recently.