Friday, May 4, 2012

May, it's Snook Fishing Time !

The weather has been a major factor in finding places to kayak fish lately. With some crazy weather patterns it has made it real difficult to fish many of the places I would normally be fishing around this time of year. I regretfully was forced to cancel a couple of charter trips over the last couple of weeks because of the winds and rain.
When I have gotten out, especially in the bay the fishing has been fairly good and I (we) have been finding and catching some nice respectable sized snook. Over the last week or so there have been around a dozen fish caught 32" or larger. The largest, very healthy around 36" and I must say I'm very excited to see these fish making a comeback !

For those living in the southwest area of Florida there are a couple of local events coming up for kayak fisherman in May. The first presented by the "Southwest Kayak Anglers Association". It will be their first annual tournament and is based out of Bonita Springs and this looks like it will be a great event with great prizes for local kayak fisherman. You can check out the details at:  The Spring Snook and Redfish Challenge 

The second event will be more of an informal tournament and will take place on May 26th. It will take place in Goodland at the annual Kayak Race and Festival at The marker 8 Restaurant. This is  more of a fun get together with an entrance fee of just $10 with the winner taking all. I'll post up more info here shortly but for now you can get more info on this ongoing thread at SWKAA, Goodland Tournament. There will be live local music, pig roast and other events at this get together.  

Treg Peyton from Wisconsin with a very nice snook!

Another  pretty colored backcountry Redfish

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