Monday, June 4, 2012

June = Very Good Fishing

June, transition time to even better fishing here in the western Everglades. The snook are here in numbers, tons of mid size fish with some oversize (over slot) fish mixed in, that is if you know where to look and when to fish for them. Early morning to mid-day are about the best option for kayak fishing while it's a bit cooler. Afternoon to evening kayak fishing will be tough for the next few months with the very warm temps and humidity along with the daily rain storms that will begin any day now. I go real early, preferably before sunrise and work topwater plugs looking for the explosion when the big snook attack.

Along with with many snook around the redfish are following suit and even though most of the fish are cookie cutter size males, 20 to 24" they seem to be very aggressive even with some warmer water temperatures hitting topwaters, jigs with soft plastics, and small swim baits. It's been a blast catching them on light spinning tackle and on the fly. I've also managed to catch a few sight fishing for them recently.  There is a smorgasbord of other fish around right now and depending again on where, when and how your fishing there are trout, black drum, black tips, and flounder in the bay and backcountry areas. Tarpon, permit, cobia, and triple tail in some of the passes and offshore.

Blooming Royal Poinceiana AKA The "Snook" Tree


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