Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back to the Everglades

Its been awhile since my last posting. I went on a bit of a road trip traveling and doing some fishing throughout much of the eastern U.S. I'll write and talk about this more in the future. It by the way was an awesome road trip.

Since returning a couple of weeks ago I have been back at it exploring and kayak fishing around the Everglades at many of my different haunts. Now that we in the doldrums of mid summer I'm back to getting out as early as possible and quiting around noon or even earlier. The bite has usually been early while the water temperatures are a little cooler when the fish are more actively feeding. The fishing has been relatively good and the fish have been very frisky and aggressive (especially the reds) even in these warmer temperatures. If fishing in the area remember to try to keep the caught fish in the water as much as possible, take a quick photo and release it after making sure they are revived because of lower oxygen levels in the warmer waters. Also beware of sharks that may be around you especially in the bay on an incoming tide.

 Our typical species around the area, snook, redfish and trout are around in fairly good numbers catching them on most every trip out since getting back. Of course some days are better than others but there are pretty good odds of getting an "inshore slam" when fishing the area. Out of the three species the trout have been the most scarcest which is fairly typical here in the summer. Tarpon have been another story. I would normally see either a small school or solo fish in the bay during the summer but have yet to see any. I'm sure they are in some of the deeper passes leading to the gulf but I have yet attempted to check it out because of either the weather or the wrong tides.

Smokey Mountains, North Carolina

This is my largest snook caught this year so far I estimated to be around 38". I could barely lift it up with one arm to get a photo. I was alone and wanted to get this beautiful fish revived and released as soon as possible. She was caught using a Zara Spook Jr top water plug.


One of Rich Jr's Reds

A decent 20" Trout

Early morning Spoonbills on an Oyster bar

Yellow Crowned Night Heron

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