Sunday, October 28, 2012

Curtis Creek Chronicles

This past summer I had camped and fished  in a beautiful area in western North Carolina called Curtis Creek in Piscah National Forest. With my season about to begin here in the Everglades I decided to head back for a few days and do it again before I am busy with my winter guiding business. After the long drive Rich Jr and myself met up with our old friend Brian Brace in Black Mountain, NC and headed out to camp for a few days. We found and set up a great camp a few miles up on the mountain. No cell phone or Internet for the next couple of days.
We noticed that there was a lot of hunters up and down the road in their trucks with dogs and that's when we found out that it was black bear hunting season and the area we were in was prime hunting grounds for bear. The area was known for black bear to travel through this area. We never did see any bears but you can be sure we were very wary of the situation and slept with one eye open. 

The creek for the most part was fairly narrow with some small pools and it was a bit challenging with the fly rod. I used my 5wt setup which was a bit overkill for the the size fish I was catching but it's the lightest setup I own. I'll be sure and step it down next time with maybe a 2 or 3 wt setup.  I had been told that larger trout were caught in this creek but I suspect it was down the mountain where the creek is larger and deeper. Another local informed me that fish where we were rairly got over 8 or 9 inches which held true. I wasn't fishing for larger fish but more for the challenge of fishing in this terrain and I must say it was pretty challenging in many of the places. I would have to say it was (almost) as rewarding as fishing for and catching  larger snook and tarpon out of the mangroves.

Curtis Creek, NC

Lookout Mountain

After our camping adventure we did a couple of awesome day hikes to check out the fall foliage.

Triple Falls

It was a great trip and I look forward to getting back there maybe in the spring.....

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