Monday, November 5, 2012

Winter approaches The Everglades

It appears that winter is approaching, I actually had to put on jeans and a long sleeve shirt on a couple of really we had a cold front come through after Hurricane Sandy passed by and temperatures dropped. The water temperatures dropped a good 20 degrees over the last week or so and had a few very windy day's preventing any fishing out on the bay. 
Getting out on the bay once a couple of days ago showed the apparent sign's of winter. Trout have appeared in larger numbers already and I caught a couple that were a nice size around 20" on a topwater plug a sure sign of winter fishing conditions. Also on a topwater I hooked up with a nice red and also caught a smaller rat red on a jig. Snook eluded me but Rich Jr caught a couple, one a nice size around 24". It was pretty windy the day we went out with a ripping outgoing tide so it was hard to decipher where and what the snook are doing yet. 

It's almost the opposite up in the backcountry. There are snook it seemed everywhere that we fished, the only thing these were mostly all baby fish. I fly fished one day area last week hoping for a decent size tarpon or snook only to have basically the same results. The first couple of hours all I could hook up with were baby tarpon. Mostly around 12 to 18" and the largest caught was around 24". There were larger fish around me but never could hook up. It was still fun catching these little guys cause they are just as crazy as their parents but I would have liked a 20 or 30lb'er on the end of my line.
Ironically at another spot in the same area I heard and spotted a few larger snook deep under the mangroves feeding. I made my best attempt to entice one of these fish to eat my fly only to have it attacked over and over again by baby snook. They were like piranhas and after awhile I called it a day.

Just before I left on my trip to North Carolina I took out a small group from the "Ladies, Lets go Fishing" group who have events around Florida to teach the girls about fishing. I was bringing these girls out to show them and teach them about kayak fishing. I had the infamous Jean McElroy assist me. This was a mother ship trip where we headed out to one of the barrier islands to kayak and fish. Another fairly windy day but everyone had a great time and everyone caught some nice fish including redfish, trout and flounder.

This year I am now again offering these mothership trips so if you interested you can read about them and get more info by clicking HERE.


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  3. Enjoyed the blog. Really like how you break up your trip!