Thursday, December 27, 2012

Everglades Wintry Weather

As winter settles in to the north we have been very lucky here in the Everglades with mostly warmer and sunny weather so far this year. There have have been a couple of cooler days with a few cold fronts but they have been short lived.
For the most part the fishing has been very good and I've had some nice catches. Over the last week I fishing both the bay area and a couple of different places up in the backcountry and have caught some very nice fish. All the regular species are around including snook, redfish and trout. Finding larger snook has been a little challenging which because of the relatively warmer weather they still can be found out in more open waters along with some who are migrating to their winter homes up in the warmer backwaters.
Redfish and trout are here in numbers while there are mostly smaller reds being seen and caught, a larger one may be caught in the mix.
Trout as I said are here in numbers and you won't have to paddle far to find and catch them.
Some other catches around the area have been Pompano, Mackerel and Tripletail.
Oh, and of course juvenile tarpon which have been fun catching with the fly rod!

A very nice backcountry snook

and a nice 30"+ Redfish

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