Thursday, December 13, 2012

Excitement in The Everglades

A kind of rare time out on the water in the Everglades in the winter we were blessed with  calm waters for a couple of days. Glass calm and almost gin clear waters made for some good site fishing but also made for some spooky fish. Over the course of a couple of days I managed to catch a few nice fish. 

The Redfish have taken on some real pretty darker red and bronze colors. I caught a few from rat sized reds up to a couple a bit larger up to around 26" over the last week. 

Our winter fishery is almost in full swing and there are many sea trout around and pretty much a guarantee catch when fishing the area waters right now. Many are a nice size such as this one around 24"

If you know where and when to go there are good chances of getting into some juvenile tarpon. It has been a lot of fun fishing for these guys with the fly rod. This is mostly all backcountry fishing although there is still a chance of hooking up with a (larger) tarpon in some of the deeper passes in the area.

There are snook just about everywhere I have fished lately even though most of the fish are smaller. It's great news for the future of the snook fishery where so many died in the freeze a couple of years ago. I'm hoping that the Florida FWC keeps the snook fishery as catch and release only for the foreseeable future. Oh, and there are a few larger snook around and if you should get lucky and hook up and catch one your mind will change quick as to your favorite fish to catch.


I have some more information on the upcoming kayak fishing tournament that will be coming to The Everglades on March 2nd. Rather than try to explain all the details of this new format for a tournament please check out the video and links below. Woody Callaway and John Grace with Native Watercraft are the masterminds of this new and exciting event. 


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